Friday, July 18, 2014

You don't have to wear brightly colored pants and jackets to look stylish

Here's a look that can work for guys who want to improve their style but aren't ready for coral pants and fitted green blazers. This is an outfit you can wear to the office, or on a date depending on where you're going for the date. I guess this is a look that works better for guys 30 and older. Except for the white Gucci shirt this look is pretty affordable. Any white dress shirt will work. No need to fork over five hundred bucks for the Gucci shirt unless you really want that specific white dress shirt. 

An outfit idea modeled after this look
Men's outfit look with dress shirt tie vest

Gucci white shirt
$565 -

Leather bag

Mr Simple belt
$57 -

$130 -

$86 -

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dare to show up at the office wearing a dress shirt and tie with shorts and canvas sneakers

Some places have dress codes of course so you might not be able to dare to show up at the office wearing a dress shirt and tie with shorts and canvas sneakers. This is a cute outfit though and if your place of employment doesn't have a dress code and your co-workers were born after 1985 you will probably start a trend showing up looking nice and casual and relaxed yet still preppy enough to be forgiven. Here is an outfit idea inspired by this look. I think this look can work even for older gentlemen as long as they don't buy the clothes at a boutique that's just for younger men.

Break with tradition while still wearing the traditional dress shirt tie and slacks

Here's how you can do a dress shirt and tie with slacks in traditional colors while still ending up with a casual, young modern, low-key look. I love that this guy is wearing Nike sneakers and has the hem of his slacks rolled up. And I love that he's carrying a bright blue non traditional bag. Here's an outfit idea inspired by this look.
Men's outfit look with teal slacks blue shirt and tie and sneakers

Breaking out of the mold and finding your personal style

I get that most guys have better things to do than to be worrying about finding their personal style. My guys could care less whether or not the way they dress is really authentically them or just how they have been dressing because that's the way they have been dressing. Personally I'd love to see them shake things up a little bit. I like the way this guy is dressed but more than the way he's dressed I love the confidence he exudes. My significant other doesn't lack confidence necessarily but like I said he's on older gentleman so it probably wouldn't go over so well if he was out there modeling his clothing choices. The younger men in my life are more into sports or academics, or both sports and academics and although at least one of them thinks he has a personal style, he's more trying to dress by design to represent himself the way he thinks he needs to represent himself to gain other people's approval, or more to the point to avoid their disapproval. I think he could stand to experiment a little bit with his choices because he might find a whole new style that works much better for him.

You don't have to be afraid of a little color

Loving this colorful ensemble found via I have total admiration for men who aren't afraid to dress differently from the accepted bland standards. I can't see any of the men in my life wearing this outfit entirely because they would think the colors aren't "manly" and the clothes are too fitted. Some of them couldn't pull off the look to be honest. My significant other is an older gentleman so this outfit on him would send a different kind of message. I would love to see the men in my life start taking more of an interest in discovering themselves as individuals. I think men tend to just go along with what's accepted not just as far as their attitude towards clothing. Not to try to make fashion out to be something so important that it becomes a crisis in any way that men don't take their appearance seriously. There's an argument to be made that women take their appearance too seriously; but I think there's a reasonable middle ground for both men and women. I think most men do care how they look and want to look their best but they have a very limited idea of what's okay to wear and what's not okay to wear because there are still very antiquated attitudes they have to face from society on numerous levels, dress style among them.