Thursday, July 17, 2014

You don't have to be afraid of a little color

Loving this colorful ensemble found via I have total admiration for men who aren't afraid to dress differently from the accepted bland standards. I can't see any of the men in my life wearing this outfit entirely because they would think the colors aren't "manly" and the clothes are too fitted. Some of them couldn't pull off the look to be honest. My significant other is an older gentleman so this outfit on him would send a different kind of message. I would love to see the men in my life start taking more of an interest in discovering themselves as individuals. I think men tend to just go along with what's accepted not just as far as their attitude towards clothing. Not to try to make fashion out to be something so important that it becomes a crisis in any way that men don't take their appearance seriously. There's an argument to be made that women take their appearance too seriously; but I think there's a reasonable middle ground for both men and women. I think most men do care how they look and want to look their best but they have a very limited idea of what's okay to wear and what's not okay to wear because there are still very antiquated attitudes they have to face from society on numerous levels, dress style among them.

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